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#6HP - Hidden Pocket Apron - TOP VIEW
Shown above are two views of the #6HP "hidden pocket" apron.  The upper image is a straight on-flat view.  The bottom image is a top view of the right half looking down.  There is white tissue stuffed in the pockets just for reference/photo purposes.  You are only seeing a section of this apron in this view.  Your hand can come in from either side of top image red X.  The red X and red arrow line shows the path of your hand.  Behind the YELLOW X, between slanted middle fabric and back of apron, is where the beginning edge of the back "hidden pocket" is.  The tissue in the top view goes further down but we left it up higher so the entrance can be seen in this picture.  You have 3 front pockets - 3 back pockets ( left-right & middle hidden ). This is a VERY POPULAR apron where someone is working out in the public in a crowd and may have larger sums of money when busy!  You would want to put your larger bills like 20's, 50's, 100's in that pocket.  NOTHING is pick pocket proof but it would be difficult for someone to stick an unwanted-unauthorized hand in that pocket without you knowing-feeling it!!!

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